Winter Carnival: Aslan’s Arrival



10:00 To 22:00

Simpang 41-1-12 Jalan Kiarong, Unit 1.2Bangunan Suasa, Avenue41

Adult $6, Child $4, Under 5 free


Event Description

This event is intended to encourage the youth of Brunei Darussalam to continue reading, as we’d want visitors to come out thinking “Ok, I need to read the book/ watch the movie now.” By doing this we decided to pay tributes to the last British author C.S Lewis and his story of Narnia. Therefore this event will be a story-telling journey guided by the characters of the story, where they will walk you through the world of Narnia, which would include areas such as “The White Witch’s castle”, “Aslan’s Camp base,” “Cair Paravel Throne Room”, “The Winter Woods”, and “The Beaver’s Den”. 

We frequently get asked, “If we aren’t fans of the book or movie, why should we go? How would it be worth my time and money?” Just consider it like, you’re paying to see a movie or play for the first time- and through first-hand experiences too! As you’ll be finding yourselves in the actual world of Narnia, where you can see, smell, taste, feel what the characters felt!


There’s also other aspects to ensure that this event will appeal to all: young and old, readers and non-readers, fans and non-fans, and winter lovers in general 🤗 from carnival-style games such as Snowball toss’, ‘Freeze with the White Witch’, ‘Icicle bowling’, as well as arts-and-craft-based workshops such as ‘Build your own winter terrarium with’, and ‘Make your own winter soaps with’ and ‘make your own snow’. There’ll be lucky draws and costume contests where you can win prizes, and we’ll have winter food, winter photo stops and winter movies playing in the background. So what what are you waiting for? Be sure to mark your calendars and visit us at Avenue41 from 28th November until 1st December!

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Artist Corner

No:12 Simpang 113-34-11 Kampong Rimba gadong BE3119

About the Organizers

Artist Corner is a team of local artists who aspire to become the first to introduce interactive exhibitions in Brunei that integrate drama, music and art where visitors can visit a certain world and is introduced by characters that would share fun facts about a particular movie or book. Thus, the experiences we create would not just be enjoyable, but educational as well. We transform empty spaces into fantasy worlds based off of books and movies. We understand that there are families who cannot afford to take their children out of the country to visit the nearest theme park, so we decided to bring the magic to them. We intend on offering individuals the opportunity to forget their stress and worries of the outside world when they step into our fantasy worlds (such examples can be taken from our previous Harry Potter, Aladdin, and Wonderland events). Our team is also made up of very family-oriented people so the goals of Artist Corner is to become a platform that would allow families to spend their weekends together outside, and being productive by creating something- whether it be arts, crafts or memories. 

The intentions of establishing Artist Corner is also to help support local artists and art graduates who are either struggling to find work, or are just looking for something productive to do. For example, for our past projects- as well as this Narnia event too- we worked alongside Batik Kesenian Berhad, which is a group that consists of graduates who have not found work, and at the end of every event, we always ensure that a percentage of our profit goes to the artists that contributed to the event. 

Artist Corner also teaches voluntary students from different educational platforms various different skills ranging from arts-based lessons such as paper mache, origami, and murals, to team-building, leadership and management skills. Our team wanted to encourage young individuals to broaden their experiences in order to prepare them for the working environment in the future, so at the end of every project, we always award students a certificate of participation. We also aim to encourage the students to make new connections, as we feel that it would encourage students to become more confident. Allowing students to participate in our projects is also a great way for students to relieve stress as they could be struggling with pressures of exams, or perhaps external issues with school or family. By offering the, the space and freedom to be creative is a great method that would allow them to release tension and stress by channeling their energies into creating something beautiful. For this event, we had the help of a few UBD and ISB students who helped make the props.

How to Register?

Simply show up by the ‘wardrobe’ and purchase tickets on-site

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