Brunei’s Amateur K-1 & Boxing Tournament STRIKE: Battle of Pride this weekend

Brunei’s Amateur K-1 & Boxing Tournament STRIKE: Battle of Pride this weekend

Brunei’s first amateur K-1 kickboxing and boxing tournament will be held this weekend 10-11 November at the Airport Mall. The main event is scheduled for Sunday, 11th November at 8:00PM and will include 3 semi-pro K-1 kickboxing bouts featuring Brunei’s own up and coming prospects going up against contenders from Malaysia. There will also be an exhibition match between 2 veteran Bruneian boxers.

This event is organised by STRIKE Promotions, a Brunei-based sports promotion company specialising in combat sports events. The aim for STRIKE: Battle of Pride is to provide a platform for local youths to compete at the regional level and to promote Brunei as a potential destination for active sports tourism.

The event is sanctioned by the International Sports Kickboxing Association (ISKA) and the Brunei Darussalam Boxing Association with support from the Ministry of Culture, Youth ad Sports and the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

There will be a total of 87 confirmed participants from 16 local and regional gyms who will compete in the tournament. Co-founder of STRIKE Promotions Firdausi Junaidi stated that, “Organising this event was a collaborative effort which involved multiple industries… Since it is after all a regional event, we wanted to showcase what Brunei has to offer”.

There will also be exhibitors during the event such as Feel Good Gym, HJ Enterprise, Hasilhustler, Mini Physio, Bruactiv, Poni Divers, Aewon, Café Bene, Barre Plus, The Acai Bar, Pure Nectar, Kafe Krema, Kyna, RDX Brunei, Imperial Sports and Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd.

Ring side seats will be available for purchase during the event at $5 per session. Single day passes and tickets to the main event are available for purchase by contacting 822 7027.

For more information and updates, follow STRIKE Promotions on Instagram and Facebook at Strikebrunei.