The Crisis Has Left Many Individuals Experiencing Higher Levels Of Stress Than Ever Before!

Job Loss , Domestic Violence, Health Issues.

As the pandemic continues, more and more of us continue to get exposed such challenges. The reality is that we often have little to no control over them.

What we CAN control is how to react to such uncertainties The first step regaining control is to understand how we manage our well-being.

Which is why we are inviting Human Experience Facilitator, Michelle Ow from Chrysalists to share with us about Self-Care and why it’s important for us, especially during such challenging times. As a Human Experience Facilitator, Michelle is actively involved in advocating and teaching strategies to support individuals and teams to enhance their mental well-being.

We’ll be embarking on a series of workshop every Wednesday night in July, 8 pm, unpacking the different aspects of Self-Care Join us each week as we cover topics that will show you how Self-Care will help you grow stronger and resilient to face the challenges ahead.

Registration is open and we hope to see you take the first step towards promoting self-love!

How to Register?