We understand families, particularly those with children have struggled with this pandemic, staying indoors without having anything productive to do. Thus, Artist Corner is happy to present our Sing-Along Project! Starting this week we will be posting covers of Disney songs performed by local AND international talents. Families can now tune in and sing along to their favorite Disney songs without having to leave the safety of their homes!

This movement was to encourage talents to continue being creative- only this time, to share their creativity and talents to the public in order to cheer up and to make others happy. And the reason why we opened it out to international talents as well is because we wanted to show that even during these dark times, we can still unite through the nostalgic Disney songs which many of us grew up listening to.

If you are a talent who would like to contribute a song, please DM us at or WA us at +447704430968 for more info 🙂

(NOTE this is an ongoing project which aims to go on as long as COVID-19 intends to go on for)

How to Register?

DM us at or WA us at +447704430968 for more info on how to participate as an entertainment frontliner!