The 1st FotoQuest brought to you by brunei.events is a unique first of its kind of photography contest in Brunei Darussalam where participants are required to first answer a specific set of questions related to the four districts of our country and then to capture the images of their answers as part of their contest submission.

The registration closes on the 31st December 2020.

The contest will run from 4th December in conjunction with the Brunei December Festival and will go on for two months until 22 January 2021.

There are two categories for participants to join –

  • Category 1: DSLR/Mirrorless
  • Category 2: Smartphone

Don’t miss the chance to explore the country’s gems and your chance to win attractive prizes!



How to Participate

To participate in the 1st FotoQuest brought to you by brunei.events, you will need to

  • Head to the 'About’ page and click on the ‘Register’ button.
  • Once on the eForm, fill in the necessary details. Duly note that all fields are mandatory.
  • Choose a category.
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive an e-mail containing your participation kit.
  • If you want to participate in both categories, you will have to register one more time as it will give you a unique ID.

How to Submit your entries

Use MintyDrop

To submit your photos, you will need to use www.mintydrop.com – a Brunei based file transfer platform that provides secure and easy-to-use file sharing for you and your business.

  • Once you’ve collected your answers and named them according to the Submission format, you may upload the files into www.mintydrop.com
  • Make sure that your Upload Settings is set to “Link”
  • Once MintyDrop finishes uploading your files, a link will be generated for you. (eg. https://mintydrop.com/FotoQu35t). Keep a record of this link.

Submission Form

Once you have your MintyDrop link, you may then proceed to the Submission eForm. In that eForm, you are responsible for providing a valid link pertaining to your entry answers. The organiser shall not be responsible for any inadmissible links that are not raised to our attention within the Submission Period.

If by any chance, you did not receive your participation kit upon successful registration within 24-hours or you may have mistakenly provided a broken link in your Submission eForm, please e-mail us at hello@brunei.events, or contact us at 8983827 immediately with your Issue together with your Registration ID.

You may then proceed to make another Submission through your eForm with your unique Registration ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last day to register?

The last day to register is 22 December 2020 at 11:59pm.

Do I need to print out the photos?

No. All photos are to be submitted online via a file-sharing platform.

What size and formats do the final photos need to be in?

4mb to 6mb in digital JPEG format for final submission.

How do I submit the photographs?

Registered participants will need to upload their photographs on www.mintydrop.com and the link provided by MintyDrop needs to be included in the submission form on brunei.events.

Who can join the contest?

All citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam over 18 years of age with a valid IC can join the contest (Yellow, Red/Purple and Green).

How much is the registration fee?

For Category 1: DSLR/Mirrorless, it is B$50 (Brunei Dollars Fifty)

For Category 2: Smartphone, it is B$20 (Brunei Dollars Twenty)

Do I need to pay the registration fee online?

Yes. Registrations and payment can be made both online and offline. You may register and make the payment offline at our office. Here are the details for offline payment:

Level 3, Knowledge Hub, Anggerek Desa Technology Park
Simpang 32-37, Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713
Brunei Darussalam T +673 223 8380
Opening Hours:
8.00am - 12.00pm and 2.00pm - 5.00pm

How many questions are there per category?

There are 20 questions that will bring photographers around Brunei in search of the answers.

Are there any specific manners in which the subjects need to be taken?

No. Once the participant has the right answer for the question, it is up to their creativity to find the best representation the essence of the answer, so long as the photo depicts any part of, or makes the riddle answers identifiable.

Can I watermark my photos?

No. All entry photos submitted for the contest must not carry any Watermarks. More details can be found on the event Terms and Conditions.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced within 2 weeks after the contest finishes by 4 February 2021.

Terms & Conditions


  1. The 1st FotoQuest, brought to you by brunei.events (“contest”) is a photography contest that requires participants to answer a set of contest questions correctly as the answers determine the photographs (i.e. answers) they submit for this contest.
  2. By registering for the contest, participants signify their agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) stated herein and shall exempt the Organiser from any claims against any accidents or injuries they sustain during the contest period.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has breached the T&Cs of the contest.



  1. All residents of Brunei Darussalam are eligible to participate in the contest, provided that they have a valid IC (yellow, red/purple, green) and are 18 years old and above.
  2. Employees of the organiser, its affiliates and/or related companies, management and stakeholders are not eligible to participate in the contest.



  1. Registration opens on 4th December 2020 and closes on 22 December 2020.
  2. Contest starts on 22 December 2020 and ends on 22 January 2021 (“contest period”).
  3. The contest offers two categories:
    • Category 1: DSLR/Mirrorless users
    • Category 2: Smartphone users
  1. The registration fee are as follows:
    • Category 1: B$50.00 (Brunei Dollars Fifty) per participant
    • Category 2: B$20.00 (Brunei Dollars Twenty) per participant
  1. Participants can register for either or both categories separately as each category registration will provide participant with a unique Reference ID for the contest.
  2. Registration is available online at brunei.events
  3. Payment made is non-refundable.
  4. Online registration will be deactivated on 22 December 2020.



  1. Participants can submit their photographs anytime during the contest period.
  2. Submissions received after the contest period i.e. after 22 January 2021 will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Submission must be done online at brunei.events
  4. Participants are free to use their own perspectives and creativity to capture any kind of essence of the intended subjects, as long as the photographs of the intended subjects can be easily identified as the answers to the contest questions.
  5. Participants may submit one photograph per contest question. Participants therefore should choose the best photograph as the answer to the contest question.
  6. Participants who submit more than one photographs to a contest question shall have the first photograph defaulted as the submitted answer and the remaining photographs will be disqualified.
  7. Each photograph may be in the size range of 4MB to 6MB.
  8. Due to the large size of the photographs, all participants must use the link obtained from MintyDrop.com, a Brunei-based file transfer platform that provides a secure and easy-to-use file sharing to submit online.
  9. All photographs must be submitted in JPEG format and in full colour.
  10. All photographs must not have watermarks.
  11. All photographs must be taken during the contest period. Photos taken outside of the contest period will be automatically disqualified.
  12. Photograph file names must be submitted base on this format .jpg (Example: Q1KubahMakamDiraja.jpg)



  1. Judging of the submissions shall take place within the two (02) weeks after contest period has ended.
  2. Submissions shall be judged for Top 10 ranking and Most Beautiful Photograph.
  3. For Top 10 ranking, submissions shall be judged in the order of the criteria process below:

A. The highest total number of correct answers

Participants will be shortlisted according to the number of questions they have correctly answered.

B. The creativity and composition of the photographs

Shortlisted participants will have their correct answers i.e. photographs judged based on their overall creativity and composition. Photographs that do not meet the judges’ expectations shall be dismissed from the number of correct answers submitted.

C. Top 10 ranking

Shortlisted participants shall be ranked from the most to least number of answers remaining after judging criteria processes A and B are completed.

Shortlisted participants shall be ranked from the most to least number of answers remaining after judging criteria processes A and B are completed.  

  1. For Most Beautiful Photograph, submissions shall be judged based on the creativity, composition and overall quality of the photograph. The photograph will not be judged for its correct answer.
  2. Decisions by the Organiser and contest judges are final and no queries will be entertained



  1. The contest offers the following prizes to the top two highest ranked participants of each category:

Category 1:

DSLR/Mirrorless Users

1st Place

Prize worth B$800.00

2nd Place

Prize worth B$400.00


Category 2:

Smartphone Users

1st Place

Prize worth B$500.00

2nd Place

Prize worth B$200.00

  1. The top 10 ranked participants of each category shall be given a Certificate of Participation and a FotoQuest goodie bag.
  2. The Most Beautiful Photograph winner shall be given FotoQuest Most Beautiful Photograph trophy, a Certificate of Participation and a FotoQuest goodie bag.
  3. All winners will be notified via telephone and email to attend the Prize Giving Ceremony. Further details shall be disclosed in the telephone call and email.
  4. Participants who do not respond to the winners’ notification or cannot attend the Prize Giving Ceremony shall forfeit their prizes and ranking.



  1. All participants shall comply with all the rules and regulations of the contest.
  2. All participants shall be legally liable for copyright related issues of their own photos.
  3. In the event that winning participant’s photograph is found to breach any copyrights, the ranking and prize awarded to that participant shall be forfeited.
  4. brunei.events, Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd and Brunei Tourism will retain the rights to use any photographs submitted to the contest without consent and compensation to the participants.

Terma & Syarat


  1. Pertandingan FotoQuest yang pertama kali, dianjurkan oleh brunei.events adalah pertandingan fotografi yang melibatkan peserta untuk menjawab soalan-soalan dengan betul dimana jawapan itu akan ditentukan dengan gambar (e jawapan) yang akan disertakan untuk pertandingan ini.
  2. Penyertaan dalam pertandingan ini menandakan persetujuan dan penerimaan terhadap semua Terma dan Syarat (T&S) seperti yang disenaraikan dan akan mengecualikan Pihak Penganjur daripada sebarang tuntutan terhadap sebarang kemalangan atau kecederaan yang dialami di sepanjang Tempoh Pertandingan ini.
  3. Pihak penganjur berhak untuk membatalkan Penyertaan mana-mana peserta yang didapati melanggar Terma dan Syarat Pertandingan.



  1. Penyertaan ini dibukakan kepada kesemua pemegang kad pengenalan (IC) Brunei Darussalam yang sah (kuning, merah/unggu, hijau) dan berumur 18 tahun keatas.
  2. Kakitangan penganjur, pihak persekutuan dan/atau syarikat berkaitan, pengurusan dan pihak-pihak yang berkepentingan adalah tidak dibenarkan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini.



  1. Pendaftaran awal bermula pada 4 December 2020 dan akan tutup pada 22 December 2020.
  2. Pertandingan bermula pada 22 December 2020 dan berakhir pada 22 Januari 2021 (“tempoh pertandingan”)
  3. Pertandingan ini dibahagi kepada dua kategori:
    • Kategori 1: Pengguna DSLR/Mirrorless
    • Kategori 2: Pengguna Telefon Pintar (Smartphone)
  4. Yuran Pendaftaran adalah seperti berikut:
    • Kategori 1: B$50.00 (Lima Puluh Ringgit Brunei) bagi setiap peserta
    • Kategori 2: B$20.00 (Dua Puluh Ringgit Brunei) bagi setiap peserta
  5. Peserta boleh mendaftar untuk salah satu atau kedua-dua kategori secara berasingan dimana setiap peserta yang membuat pendaftaran setiap kategori akan diberikan Nombor Rujukan yang unik untuk pertandingan ini.
  6. Pendaftaran boleh dilakukan di atas talian (online) di brunei.events.
  7. Pembayaran dibuat tidak akan dikembalikan.
  8. Pendaftaran adalah dibukakan hingga 22 December 2020.



  1. Peserta boleh menghantar penyertaan mereka pada bila-bila masa didalam Tempoh Pertandingan.
  2. Penyertaan yang diterima selepas tamat Tempoh Pertandingan iaitu selepas 22 Januari 2021 tidak akan diterima.
  3. Penghantaran penyertaan awda hendaklah dilakukan di atas talian (online) di brunei.events
  4. Peserta-peserta bebas mengguna perspektif dan kreativiti masing-masing untuk merakam/menggambar intipati subjek yang dimaksudkan, seperti gambar subjek yang dimaksudkan dapat dikenali dengan mudah sebagai jawapan kepada soalan pertandingan masing-masing.
  5. Peserta-peserta boleh menghantar SATU gambar untuk setiap soalan pertandingan. Oleh itu, para peserta harus memilih gambar yang terbaik sebagai jawapan kepada soalan yang diberikan.
  6. Sekiranya peserta yang menyertakan lebih daripada satu gambar untuk soalan tersebut, pihak hakim akan menerima gambar yang pertama sahaja untuk dikirakan sebagai jawapan yang layak dihakimkan. Gambar yang selebihnya akan dikecualikan secara automatik.
  7. Setiap gambar disertakan hendaklah bersaizkan 4mb ke 6mb.
  8. Oleh sebab ukuran gambar yang besar, semua peserta adalah dikehendaki untuk menggunakan pautan yang diperoleh dari www.MintyDrop.com, platform pemindahan fail yang berpusat di Brunei yang menyediakan perkongsian fail yang selamat dan mudah digunakan untuk dihantar atas talian (online file-sharing platform).
  9. Semua gambar penyertaan mesti mempunyai format JPEG dan penuh warna (full colour photos only).
  10. Semua gambar penyertaan tidak dibenarkan mempunyai Watermarks.
  11. Semua gambar penyertaan adalah WAJIB diambil dalam Tempoh Pertandingan sahaja. Gambar yang diambil di luar Tempoh Pertandingan akan dikecualikan secara automatik.
  12. Nama fail-fail gambar mesti di muat naik berdasarkan format ini .jpg (Contoh: Q1KubahMakamDiraja.jpg)



  1. Penghakiman penyertaan akan dilakukan dalam dua (02) minggu setelah Tempoh Pertandingan tamat.
  2. Penyertaan gambar akan dinilai untuk kedudukan 10 Teratas dan Foto Terbaik.
  3. Bagi peringkat 10 Teratas, penyertaan akan dinilaikan berdasar urutan proses kriteria tersebut:

A.Jumlah jawapan betul yang terbanyak

Peserta akan disenaraikan mengikut jumlah soalan yang telah dijawab dengan betul.

B. Kreativiti dan komposisi gambar

Peserta yang telah disenaraikan dengan jawapan gambar betul akan dinilaikan lagi berdasar keseluruhan kreativiti dan komposisi. Foto-foto yang tidak memenuhi kriteria hakim akan dikecualikan daripada jumlah jawapan yang betul yang dihantar.

C. Kedudukan 10 teratas

Peserta yang disenaraikan akan dinilai lagi berdasar markah jawapan betul yang terbanyak ke markah terendah setelah selesai penilaian proses kriteria A dan B.

  1. Untuk Foto Terbaik, penyertaan akan dinilaikan dari segi kreativiti, komposisi dan kualiti keseluruhan gambar dimana gambar tidak akan dinilai berdasarkan jawapan yang betul.
  2. Keputusan pihak penganjur dan para-para hakim adalah muktamad dan sebarang bantahan atau pertanyaan dari peserta tidak akan dilayan.



  1. Pertandingan ini menawarkan hadiah-hadiah berikut kepada tiga pemenang sahaja bagi setiap kategori:


Kategori 1: Pengguna DSLR/Mirrorless

Tempat Pertama


Tempat Kedua



Kategori 2: Pengguna Telefon Pintar

Tempat Pertama


Tempat Kedua



  1. Sepuluh peserta peringkat teratas bagi setiap kategori akan diberikan Sijil Penyertaan daripada brunei.events.
  2. Pemenang Foto Terbaik akan diberikan Trofi Penghargaan FotoQuest dan Sijil Penyertaan FotoQuest daripada brunei.events.
  3. Semua pemenang akan diumumkan melalui telefon dan e-mel untuk menghadiri Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah. Sebarang maklumat lebih lanjut akan diberitahukan melalui panggilan telefon dan e-mel.
  4. Peserta yang tidak menjawab panggilan pengumuman pemenang atau tidak dapat menghadiri Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah akan dianggap mengundur diri secara automatik daripada kedudukan mereka dan akan digantikan oleh pemenang yang seterusnya.



  1. Semua peserta adalah wajib untuk mematuhi semua peraturan dan undang-undang pertandingan.
  2. Semua peserta wajib bertanggungjawab secara sah untuk masalah berkaitan hak cipta dari gambar penyertaan masing-masing.
  3. Sekiranya gambar pemenang didapati melanggar hak cipta, kedudukan dan hadiah peserta akan ditarik balik.
  4. events, Mix Mediaworx Sdn Bhd dan Brunei Tourism berhak untuk menggunakan gambar-gambar yang dihantar ke pertandingan tanpa persetujuan dan pampasan daripada para peserta.