ROTA Black Honey


All black honeys are over 10 years old and therefore are called ‘Vintage Honey’. This honey does not have any expiry date simply because the honey has to be kept for more than 10 years to reach the black honey level.



ROTA Black Honey comes directly from the Tualang trees of Borneo and is the ideal habitat for the asian giant honeybee known as the Apis Dorsata Bees. The name tualang comes from 2 Malay words: Tua – old and Helang – eagle. Tualang trees are primarily found in the deep tropical rainforests and can grow over 70 metres tall, ranking them among the tallest trees in the world. Tualang tree honey is a premium wild honey from the hives of the giant honeybees (Apis Dorsata) found exclusively from the tualang tree. The bees collect nectar from different wildflowers in the rainforest, therefore, the produced honey has a unique aromatic taste derived from the different varieties of flowers. This multiflora accumulation means the tualang tree honey has more phenolic acids and flavonoids, giving it the highest medicinal properties compared to honey produced by the common honeybees. Tualang trees grow deep in the rainforest, they are free from pesticides, herbicides and pollutants, and therefore are naturally organic. Due to the natural instincts of the bees to build their hives in high locations, it is impossible to farm tualang tree honey, therefore making this honey truly wild and raw.


1. High in antioxidants and anti-microbial properties

2. Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent

3. Non-detrimental to diabetics, suitable as a sugar substitute

4. A threat to cancer cells

5. Speeds up healing of wounds

6. Improve cardiovascular health

7. Relieve menopausal symptoms in women, improves memory and bone density

8. Improve male virility


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