Sahur Saturday came back in 2021

Sahur Saturday came back in 2021

More exciting news for Bruneians and food lovers, Big BWN Project’s Sahur Saturday is back! After not being able to return due to COVID in 2020, the event this year took place every Saturday night starting 17 April 2021 during the fasting month. Over 15 home-based vendors were featured at the multi-storey car park of Kontena Park at Anggerek Desa, starting from 10 pm to 2 am every Saturday for the first three weekends of Ramadhan.

“Since we first started Sahur Saturday 6 years ago, it’s always been about encouraging the local community to spend and eat local, encouraging the people to come out during late sahur nights to support our local vendors. After a year’s hiatus thanks to Covid-19, we’re really excited to be able to bring it back this year, with some of our regular sahur vendors and many new names! If you’ve got some late night cravings, bring your friends and family and come drop by!” says Fizah Rashid, Director of Big BWN Project.

Pro tip, ready your reusable containers and wears and bring them along to the event because Big BWN Project is continuing strong with their zero-waste policy by minimizing the use of single-use plastics. Sahur Saturday also had a competition on who has the most attractive reusable container with winners to be announced at the end of the series of events. Fizah has also mentioned that unfortunately, this year, there will not be a dine-in option for the public. However, event goers are welcomed to dine in at the Kontena Park area. This is to ensure that the 1000-person maximum capacity regulation was upheld. 

Last year, Big BWN Project teamed up with Ta-Pow, a local food delivery service and introduced Sahur Everyday. This meant that all the featured vendors under Ta-Pow were actively operating throughout Ramadhan catering to your Sahur needs. So don’t forget to download the app which is available on Apple Store and Google Play stores!

This year marks the 6th Sahur Saturday from Big BWN Project, an initiative showcasing local food and beverage enterprises in helping them develop new customer prospects and encourage business as a career avenue for Brunei’s youth. Since its inception, it has been a trailblazer in creating and promoting initiatives that are in line with the Nation’s vision of Wawasan 2035 such as the Tempatan initiative in 2019 or the low impact no plastic campaign which began in 2018.

The Big BWN Project is an organization that focuses on youth development projects and young entrepreneurs, by creating platforms and projects for exposure to build their brands and businesses, and also giving those established online to be able to have an offline relationship with their potential customers. 

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