Greetings from brunei.events!

We are pleased to inform you that brunei.events is set to organize our second online gaming tournament and this time it will be for the avid PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) players. This event is officially called The Ultimate Chicken Dinner 2021 or TUCD 2021. The tournament will be held over a two-day period and will be fully conducted online which includes live streaming of the matches.

Registration to join the tournament opens on 1 April 2021 and closes on 30 April 2021.

We will only be inviting a maximum of 32 teams to participate, with a registration fee of BND 40 per team.

However, we will extend and welcome up to 64 teams to participate in this event if it meets the said number of requirements. Those who register after the 32 spots have been filled will be put on a waiting list and their registration will only be processed if the 64 team count is filled. (Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information)

Tournament days will proceed on:

  • Sunday 30th May 2021, 10am – 10pm
  • Monday 31th May 2021, 10am – 10pm

For full details on the Terms and Conditions for this tournament, click on the Term and Conditions tab above.

So get your teams together and win the ultimate title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. We also invite you to spread the word and save the date so you can join us and support the teams you think are the best!


How to Participate

To participate in The Ultimate Chicken Dinner 2021 (TUCD 2021) brought to you by brunei.events, you will need to:

  • Click on the "Registration Form" tab.
  • Fill in the necessary details on the Team Registration eForm.
  • Submitting the Team Registration eForm will redirect you to our online payment gateway for the registration fee.
  • Once you have successfully made your payment, you will receive our confirmation email with our discord channel link.
  • Make sure to join the discord channel as all of the tournament info and communication will be through the discord chat.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the official Terms and Conditions for brunei.events presents The Ultimate Chicken Dinner (An Online PUBG Tournament 2021) which apply to any teams who have registered. Please be advised that the following rules and regulations do not limit the level of competition and gameplay.


  • “Tournament” or “Competition” shall hereinafter refer to The Ultimate Chicken Dinner
  • “Organiser” shall hereinafter refer to brunei.events
  • “Tournament Official” shall hereinafter refer to individuals authorised to operate under the Organisers behalf
  • “Team” shall hereinafter refer to a participating team
  • “Player(s)” shall hereinafter refer to players of a participating team
  • “Terms” and/or “Conditions” shall hereinafter refer to this Terms and Conditions
  • “Starter” shall hereinafter refer to players who intend to compete within the upcoming Competition fixture
  • “Substitute” shall hereinafter refer to a player of a team who will not be competing within the upcoming Competition fixture

General Rules and Regulation

  • 1.1. The brunei.events and (Title Sponsor) presents The Ultimate Chicken Dinner (An Online PUBG Tournament 2021) is open for Brunei and Permanent Residents residing within Brunei Darussalam only.
  • 1.2. Participation fee for the Tournament is set at BND 40 per team.
  • 1.3. Participating team can consist of 04 players (compulsory) and 01 substitute player (optional) only.
  • 1.4. Participating teams must commit to the time that has been set beforehand by the Organiser.
  • 1.5. Players’ names that are found to be offensive or vulgar will not be tolerated by the Organiser and the Organiser reserves the right to request for an immediate name change during and prior to the Tournament.
  • 1.7. Fees shall not be refunded to any teams who have been disqualified and/or have pulled out during or prior to the Competition.
  • 1.8. Each team must maintain, at all times during any Tournament fixture, four players in the team’s starting lineup constituting a complete roster. Failure to provide a complete roster will be a transgression of these Terms and subject to the discretion of the Organiser. Teams reserve the right of adding one (1) additional player to act as a substitute prior to the initiation of the Competition period. Teams are strongly encouraged to register five (5) players, which is the maximum number of players allowed.
  • 1.9. Tournament conducts
    • Please come prepared on the time mentioned by the Organiser.
    • Teams must follow any instructions from the Organiser.
    • Players are to conduct themselves appropriately during the tournament time frame when interacting with the Organiser or other players.
    • For any accusations/report, proofs must be submitted (e.g. an opponent team forfeiting their match: A screenshot of the conversation must be attached for the Organiser to determine the legibility of it.).
    • Team captains shall be responsible for the teams’ attendance and with liaising with the Organiser throughout and before the tournament period.
    • Team captains must ensure their availability at all times during the tournament period.
  • 1.10. No. of Team Registration
    This event will allow a minimum of 32 Teams to participate in this tournament. However, should there be additional registrations past the 32 Team minimum pool, registered teams will be placed on a waiting list until a 64 Team pool is achieved, of which shall be the maximum allowed Team pool for the tournament. In effect, the tournament shall only proceed with either a 32 or 64 Team pool.
  • 1.11. Disclaimer
    • Participation is at your own risk.
    • Participants must follow the rules, use caution, and take care of their own health.
    • The Organiser is not liable for any losses in relation to the event, directly or indirectly, for example in the case of a cancelled event, electrical failure or similar. No person or persons shall hold the Organiser liable.
    • Each participation is a binding contract and the Organiser reserves the right to ban any participants.
    • The Organiser reserves the rights to change the rules without further notice.
  • 1.12. Tournament Flow

    Pre-match preparation

      • Schedule changes
        • The Organiser reserves the right to reschedule, make changes to the dates of the tournament or alter the schedule in any other way or form. All teams will be informed of any changes made by the Organiser at once.

      • Early Check In
        • Participating teams must check-in on Discord at the time set by the Organiser before for preparation for every round/day they participate in the tournament.

      • Game Version
        • The game version used will be decided by Organiser, use of newly released heroes, heroes with recent balance updates and those with known bugs may be temporarily banned. The duration of the ban will be determined by Organiser.

      • Preparation Time
        • Players are free to prepare after their check in. However, the players must enter the lobby at the agreed match time schedule.

      • Match starting time
        • In the most optimal situation, any problems faced by the players should be solved during the set preparation time. The match should start at the scheduled time. Match may be delayed if the Organiser deems it to be necessary. If the reason for the delay is due to player fault, the Organiser reserves the right to penalise the player or team accordingly.

    • In-game Lobby
      • The Organiser shall create the in-game lobby for matches that are to be live-streamed. The players should follow the instructions from the Organiser on how to enter the in-game lobby.

    • 1.13. Marketing Rights
        • Teams who have successfully registered MUST agree to have their Team photo taken by the Organisers at the location of the Organisers choosing (Please see address stated below).
        • Teams must come within the time period set by Organisers (Please see dates stated below). The successful registrants MUST then set a date and time with the Organisers upon successful registration to confirm timing of photoshoot. (Please see dates stated below)
        • Teams who have successfully registered for the event will hereby agree to allow the Organiser to use their photo for marketing purposes across their various platforms for the purpose of marketing this event.

        • MixMedia

          Level 3, Knowledge Hub, Anggerek Desa Technology Park

          Simpang 32-37, Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713

          Brunei Darussalam

          Office Opening Hours

          Monday to Thursday 8.15 am – 12.00 pm

          Friday 8.15 am – 11.00 am and 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

*Please DOWNLOAD and READ THROUGH the Terms and Conditions of the tournament set by E-Sports Brunei.